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Cardiovascular Diseases: Life Insurance coverage

Vascular diseases, whether circulatory, ischemic of the heart (such as heart attack or angina) or cerebrovascular, continue to be the leading cause of death in our country, with a rate of approximately 267 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

Although continuous efforts are made regarding the prevention of these with healthy practices such as sports or eating habits, this rate is slowly reduced. The Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) in the analysis that performs these data continuously confirms this, since, in 2004, circulatory system diseases accounted for 333 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. On the positive side, this decrease is faster than other ailments that follow, such as tumors and respiratory diseases, whose evolution over time if they remain more stable, although slightly down.

The false perception that it is only a man’s ailment


The problem is that while if the deaths due to this type of illness or illness among men decrease significantly, down to 255 deaths per 100,000, in women it remains at higher rates, until it approaches 360 deaths due to every 100,000

This is an important point, since there are many who believe that this type of ailments only occur among men, when it has a much higher incidence among women, of 6% higher.

All these data should not only highlight the importance of these ailments, for all, men and women and with an impact on all age groups, but should encourage us to actively prevent all the risks that can lead to this type of ailments

Why is it important to have additional coverage for cardiovascular diseases?


While prevention policies have made many apply healthier lifestyle habits, it is not general and in fact, in an aspect as basic as healthy eating, we see some alarming data such as the increase in obesity among the youngest.

This point leads us to another of the keys to cardiovascular disease. If it is true that its main incidence is with ages already more advanced, unlike other ailments if it affects a large number of people with young ages.

Life insurance that covers both our needs in case 


All this has its economic effect. Although at any age it is necessary to have life insurance that covers both our needs in case of disability or those of our relatives in case of death, family charges are usually higher when the person is of working age than when one has already retired . At that time they are closely linked to income paid as mortgages or child support and study expenses, something that does not happen when you have already retired. Therefore it is important to have adequate capital and have additional benefits such as cardiovascular disease coverage with compensation of 30,000 euros that you can hire in Good Finance life insurance and that covers both myocardial infarction and stroke.

An optional coverage that can help those you love most in a difficult time in the face of one of the most important risks to our health.