Danila Savchenko is a Russian model who was one of the faces of Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week. Drawing on her modeling background, Danila shares her tips on how to stay motivated for a workout routine.

The content of the article:
• Be specific about your goals
• Publicly commit to playing sports on all social networks
• Don’t start on Monday or right after New Years
• Modify the program
• Buy a subscription or pay for a fitness program
• Be inspired by others
• Buy a new training outfit and sports accessories
• Find a mentor
• Compete

Rain or shine, sleet or snow, how can you avoid letting your excuses keep you from working out?

If you have to force yourself to go to the gym, and the thought of an upcoming workout is causing fatigue, and you aren’t making progress, diagnose the problem first. You may be suffering from overtraining or vitamin deficiency. If so, you should change the workout schedule, take some quality vitamins, and get some good rest to get back into the routine.

Do not indulge in laziness and apathy.

Here are some easy ways to motivate yourself for the sport that will help you regain interest in training and get you back on the barbell.

Be specific about your goals

Ask yourself the right question: “Why do I play sports and do I really need it?” ” For example:
• I want to lose 10 kg in 2 months.
• I have to adapt to a new dress.
• To build muscle.
• To be in a good health.
• I want to be an example for my child.
• I want to live an active life.

When there is a goal at hand and you give the goal of the goal, then there will be motivation to achieve your goal.

Publicly commit to playing sports on all social networks

Write a post on your Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else in which you publicly commit to exercising, and it will not end until the goal is reached (see paragraph above). When you make a promise not only to yourself but also to all of your real and virtual friends at the same time, the degree of responsibility increases. And if you meet a friend and are asked about your athletic success, are you going to say, “Oh, I don’t work out, I’m too lazy”? No, no, wrong answer!

Don’t start on a Monday or right after the new year

Don’t put off the weights until tomorrow if you can lift them today. Seriously. If you want to exercise, go for it now, there is no need to wait for an opportunity, good weather or buy new sneakers.

Change program

If you follow the same program for a long time, you can get bored, lazy and lose interest in sports. Change it up: fitness club, trainer, fitness direction, number of reps and training days, switch from home workouts to club workouts and vice versa.

Buy a new membership or pay for a fitness program

Human psychology is organized in such a way that if you are paying for something, you are more inclined to use the product or service. Even if you get very, very lazy to go to workout, the realization that you have paid for a membership or a fitness marathon will make you not to miss class. Why waste your money? Get up and go.

Get inspired by others

This point is a matter of inspiration, not envy. Pick a few famous people from the sports world who have successfully built an ideal body, read their stories, watch their training process progress.

Subscribe to professional trainers who share their clients’ success stories on social media.

All of this should give you a wow effect and inspire athletic performance.

Shop for a new training outfit and sports accessories

Of course, if a person wants to exercise, they will do so in standard workout shorts. But for some, buying a nice sports outfit or a bottle, a fitness bracelet, some equipment for home workouts can be a powerful incentive to do a full workout now and get started. motivate.

But there’s one potential distraction to avoid: Don’t get stuck in the selection and purchase process for too long.

Find a mentor

Some people need a good kick, and some people are kicking. Find yourself a mentor. This can be a personal trainer, friend, spouse, or parent. The mentor’s job is to hold you accountable for your goal, motivate, praise, and support sportsmanship in any way possible.


How to motivate yourself? Fair competition is a good motivator. Who will run the most on the treadmill, you or your friend? Who is going to lose weight by the summer, you or a friend? Who has the best abs? Who lifts more weight? Challenge your friends and acquaintances to the gym. It will not only motivate you, but others as well. It’s also good to compete with yourself.

We wish you lots of motivation and fun in your fitness endeavors. After all, anything done with positivity always leads to great results. What motivates you to train?

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