“I am not an anarchist. I want to share my idea with others, ”said Alessandro Michele during a video call from Rome on Monday afternoon (May 25). The previous weekend, in a poignant lockdown newspaper, Michele had announced Gucci’s departure from the traditional show cycle in favor of an off-season approach to collections. Embracing a post-pandemic appetite for “the essentials,” Gucci is replacing its current structure of five separate shows for women, men and cruises with just two annual shows.

“I designed a future for this company by also looking to the past. I am convinced that moving forward also means going back to the origins of this wonderful industry, ”said Michele, acknowledging that his new vision for the industry has a lot in common with his old structure, before there was have pre-collection and capsule shows. several times a year. “We’re going to update it, but we’ll have to restore what we had in the past, and maybe show you a more inventive product. To do this we need more time.

Gucci’s decision will undoubtedly have an impact on the fashion landscape beyond the brand’s borders. As an industry leader (with a global power base demonstrated by close to € 10 billion in revenue, or £ 9 billion), such a move could be interpreted as a model to follow for other brands. Since Covid-19 hit Europe and America in March – making this summer’s cruise, men’s and haute couture catwalks impossible – many fashion players have been considering an opportunity to slow down and reform the production cycle relentless industry.

“We are a great brand, so we have a responsibility to take care of our industry. We must give it the time it takes. The things we make have a longer lifespan than we have attributed to them in the past, ”said Michele, against the backdrop of sculpted coffered ceilings of his Renaissance office at Palazzo Alberini. “We all agree that autumn and spring are the most appropriate [time frames] to show our work, but I hope other brands will follow us so that we can have an open dialogue to arrange new dates.

Expressing his desire to revamp the current Fashion Week schedule through industry efforts, Michele has denied rumors that Gucci will quit Fashion Week altogether. As for the fashion weeks of September, always in tune with the times, he clarified that Gucci did not intend to present a collection. “I don’t think we’ll meet in person next time. We’ve been closed for a long time so I don’t think we’ll have a regular schedule for September. I want to get a new kind of weather – real and practical – so we’ll pick another date.