An Armenian illustrator combines food and fashion to create unusual art. According to the French blog Fast and Food, Edgar Artis uses popcorn, chocolate and other junk foods to create edible dresses. Artis makes mouth-watering designs on sketches of trendy dresses, covering the silhouettes with candy and other snacks.

His art, in addition to making it fashionable to play with his food, is causing a stir on Instagram: his account @edgar_artis currently has more than 143,000 followers, and each of his photos receives tens of thousands of likes. From cocktail dresses crafted from sliced ​​strawberries to beet-decorated ball gowns, Artis has cultivated a fairly large social media presence since her first post – a cocktail dress made from tangerine peel – there is less. six months.

Fries and ketchup look better than ever in this sexy mini.

The greens and purples of these red basil leaves give the design its rich hue.

Vibrant kiwi slices create the perfect print for this maxi dress.

Drops of milk were used to create this unique design.

This chocolate-based creation has garnered more than 16,000 likes.