Whether you’ve booked a flight into an urban city on business or flying to the tropics for a getaway, one of the most exciting parts of travel is stocking up on vacation clothes. But the hallmark of a fashion-conscious frequent traveler is cultivating a signature look that takes you anywhere (and comfortably on any mode of transport). We asked five designers, all in the air as often as they did backstage, to share their favorite travel looks. From versatile sweaters to comfy denim and playful socks, let the pillars of their walking wear inspire you to look groomed every step of the way.

Andrea Lieberman, founder and Designate, YEARS

“With my busy lifestyle, I often run to catch a flight,” New York designer Andrea Lieberman tells us. “So I prefer to travel with an elegant hand luggage such as a Rimowa suitcase so that everything is streamlined and ensures a quick exit from the airport. The founder of ALC does not let the stress of travel overcome. “My go-to outfit is perfect for the plane because it’s so comfortable, but it’s also dressy enough to be worn straight to a meeting once I land.”

ALC pants, $ 295, nordstrom.com; ALC T-shirt, $ 115, nordstrom.com; Vince sneakers, $ 225, nordstrom.com; Rimowa suitcase, $ 625, nordstrom.com; Lancer Skincare Travel Collection, $ 115, lancerskincare.com

Meritt Elliott, co-founder and designer, THE GREAT.

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Stylist turned designer and co-founder of THE GREAT., Meritt Elliott (pictured left) is an expert in travel dress. “I always put on a cashmere piece to warm myself up or to use as a makeshift pillow,” she says. The plush diaper isn’t the only pro tip in its mix of military pants, worn sweatshirts, and comfy moccasins. “This outfit could be completely transformed with a high heel and red lipstick if I have to get off the plane and go out to dinner,” Elliott says of her look, which is always complemented by a glamorous watch no matter what. the time zone. , it is always in fashion ahead.

Ray Ban sunglasses, $ 150, ray-ban.com; Alexander McQueen poncho, $ 765, similar at alexandermcqueen.com; Minnetonka shoes, $ 50, minnetonkamoccasin.com; Great. pants, $ 285, nordstrom.com; Chloé bag, $ 990, chloe.com

Emily Current, co-founder and designer, GREAT.

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Elliott’s design partner at THE GREAT., Emily Current (pictured left) has a travel ensemble that is perfect for the LA stylist. “I live with jeans and a t-shirt in general and find ways to dress this uniform up or down for most occasions,” she says. “When I travel, I choose a slightly stretchy denim for more comfort.” The forward goes for easy on-the-go slips, “But I always keep some fun socks in my bag for crossing security and for the plane.” She always wears her trendy hat, rather than packing it up, to save space in her luggage and preserve her shape. And she is never without her favorite accessory: her iPad. “I store it full of movies, but I like to play solitaire better.”

Clare V. clutch, $ 295, nordstrom.com; Missoni cardigan, $ 1,250, nordstrom.com; GREAT. jeans, $ 265, nordstrom.com; Vince mules, $ 150, nordstrom.com; Brixton hat, $ 74, nordstrom.com

Jane Siskin, Founder & Designer, Cinq à Sept

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While a nice pair of sandals is key for Cinq à Sept designer Jane Siskin, her real secret weapon is another product with a clean design: “I don’t travel anywhere without my headphones to listen to the latest edition of my podcast prefer.” This practical reflection also extends to his layering technique. “A light jacket is essential for chilly evenings and freezing airplanes.”

Five to Seven Jacket, $ 395, nordstrom.com; Prada shoes, $ 950, nordstrom.com; Five to Seven Dress, $ 395, nordstrom.com; Eric Javits hat, $ 200, nordstrom.com; La Mer sunscreen, $ 95, cremedelamer.com; Bose headphones, $ 250, bose.com

Monica Paolini, Designer, Sea

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Monica Paolini looks just as refined when she navigates the airports. “WThe wide-leg cuffed pants are my favorite to wear on the plane, “the designer of Sea tells us.” These pants are so comfy and look just as cute with a ruffle blouse as a white t-shirt. uni. “She pairs the set with easy tap dancing and a great set of shades, but this seasoned traveler ‘s most crucial accessory is her handy carry bag.” A large bag to store all of my son Luca’s toys is a must. “

Top of the sea, similar to nordstrom.com; Victoria Beckham bag, $ 2,795, nordstrom.com; Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, $ 380, nordstrom.com; Proenza Schouler shoes, $ 300, proenzaschouler.com; Sea pants, $ 355, nordstrom.com; Sea jacket, $ 685, nordstrom.com

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