Kartik Sharma, a 20 year old enthusiast with big dreams from Delhi, India. A unique fashion model to come in search of prestige value for “Model from India”. It strives to be the next new face in the industry.

He is ready to devote his life to the field of fashion and learn from the challenges he will face along his way. His secret to being a motivated candidate is that he enjoys being mentally and physically healthy. Bodybuilding and bodybuilding are part of his daily life.

With a dedicated schedule in her daily life, singing helps her socialize and gives her the necessary peace of mind. Not seeing himself as just a bathroom singer, he’s serious and dedicated to the job he does. Kartik is an admirable general performer and a sympathetic Stromer.

Kartik Sharma was recently selected in the two main fashion competitions in India via BIG PROJECTS & BS PRODUCTIONS. Kartik is now part of MR. & MISS. INDIA INTERNATIONAL STAR 2021 & MR. & TOP MODEL OF MISS.UP 2021-22 (As Finalist)

As he was only selected on the first try, he is confident and in a recent interview he also said – “I am ready for any challenge, and I am here not only to win the title but to become the heart of Fashion Field and that day is not far away now ”

According to a recent conversation with the founder of Big Projects, Purujit Singh has signed Kartik Sharma as an official model for the Big Projects company and Kartik will now be showcasing his face via Big Projects at upcoming events. & Purujit Singh is delighted with Kartik’s successful career. Purujit Singh also said he would take care of him personally to guide him in fashion contests.

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