Photo credit: Alicja Tubilewicz

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Does this beautiful face look familiar to you? If so, it’s hard to miss Alicja Tubilewicz! Since her debut, the Polish model has appeared in several editorials and the cat has walked in renowned fashion shows around the world. In just a few appearances, Alicja has made an impact that few manage to create in the fashion industry, which sees a new face launching almost regularly. However, along with the right look, Alicja brings a natural talent that has helped her cement her career in the modeling industry. And, it’s no wonder the model has been featured in magazines like the POP magazine, She, Vogue and much more.

The Polish model and fashionista began with catwalks at Warsaw and continued to work with countless designers before making a name for himself around the world. The model rose to fame thanks to her petite figure, perfectly pouty lips, amazing green eyes, and delicately sculpted facial features. But it’s not just her natural appearance that needs to be credited. In an industry filled with extraordinary beauties, getting attention is one of the hardest gifts to come by. But this model did it all thanks to her raw talent. The model has a unique talent for giving the best of herself in front of the camera, and her raw features easily capture the attention of her viewers. With her ability to pose for photoshoots and walk the ramp with elan, the model rose to fame within just a few years of entering the fashion circuit. With the right mix of flair and beauty, Alicja is poised to make a global brand and has featured in top fashion brands before.

Post her runway debut in 2014. She has been a favorite for many designers, especially Dior designer Raf Simons. In no time, Alicja paraded for Dior, Elie Saab and Andrew GN, appearing in agencies in New York, Paris, Milan, London and Tokyo. With a pre-fall function She and a peculiarity in a POP magazine, the girl has already made a name for herself. In an industry facing stiff competition, the Polish model brings a unique talent that helps her stand out! And it has also helped her to travel around the world, with some of the best fashion destinations having already been ticked off her list. However, despite being surrounded by glitter and glamor, Alicja remains a beach lover at heart and enjoys relaxing by the sea. It’s no wonder when asked about her Favorite vacation destination, the model mentions Zanzibar, Tanzania as her favorite vacation destination for its scenic but pristine relatively undiscovered beaches.

But while she has signed with Uno Models Barcelona, ​​IMG Paris and IMG New York, her Polish roots have been her favorites. Alicja may have made a global presence, but back in Poland she is a known face. With numerous parades and appearances in the country, the model is already one of the rising stars of the Polish fashion industry. And, there is more to her fame! Alicja has been featured in top fashion magazines like Glamor Poland, Elle Poland, Harper’s Bazaar Poland, and Madame Germany. The model was even part of the Patrizia Aryton campaign launch, and the Spring / Summer 2017 collection was presented around Alicja. Besides being a hit in Poland and on the European fashion scene, which includes Italy, Spain, Rome and other fashion destinations, Alicja has a strong presence in Tokyo and New York, putting showcasing not only its local celebrity, but also global presence.

Photo credit: Alicja Tubilewicz

Alicja’s incredible rise in such a short time is truly commendable, but the model hasn’t always had such big ambitions. The model had previously walked for fashion brands and renowned designers, some of whom she loved before entering the industry. However, the model remains humble and has a home heart. Although she’s busy walking for world-renowned fashion brands like Fendi, Chanel, Rag & Bone, and has worn designs from Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Christopher Kane, and more, she has simple dreams. . Originally from Pila, Poland, the girl dreams of raising parrots and loves being among birds and animals. Her passion to help others and give back to society has led her to volunteer for various charities that support human rights and animal welfare. She is particularly passionate about children and helps create a better world for the younger generation. Her desire to help others also led her to participate in activities with Unicef, the world organization for children’s well-being, health and education.

Alicja TubilewiczPhoto credit: Alicja Tubilewicz

Her work in the fashion industry, as well as her charitable contributions, have found a voice on her Instagram account. Thanks to her engaging posts, the model has many followers and is a social media influencer in her own right. But despite being an Instagram influencer, Alicja shares many parts of her lifestyle and work on the social media platform with her fans, giving them insight into everything that happens once the lights go on. of the ramp change. With each photo Alicja provides a glimpse into her glamorous and glamorous lifestyle, while also focusing on the various noble causes she supports. The different travel destinations on his Instagram account are sure to captivate and arouse the desire to travel in you. At the same time, she regularly talks about daily happenings around the world that will keep you up to date with what’s going on. She has shared various articles and stories to help share the need for social distancing and to use face masks to help fight the pandemic, and continues to remind her followers how to stay safe!