Love Hope Light grabs the reader’s attention by exposing the author’s vulnerability to his circumstances of growing up in communism Albania. She shows an intimate part of herself, including the poverty of her family and a series of horrific kidnapping attempts they have experienced. She overcame these trials thanks to the strength and determination of her mother, which made Martini the successful woman she is today.

” I wrote Love Hope Light as a way to share my story with others and empower readers to pursue their own dreams, “says Martini.” I am living proof that by believing in yourself, setting goals and actively working for achieve them, anyone can make their dreams come true. It is very important to embrace the evil and almost to be grateful for it. As you realize the big picture, you will find that sometimes you have to go through the darkness to find the light. “

At age 21, Martini bought a one-way ticket to Miami, Florida, in order to become a model. A quintessential American dream success story, Angela used her lively personality, work ethic and determination to ensure a life beyond her wildest expectations. Now, for the first time, she is sharing her most personal details and secrets of success with readers.

Based on several messages and notices she has received so far, Angela Martini managed to inspire readers with her compelling personal story. Love Hope Light has become, for many, a life changing guide.

Martini started launching his book at the end of 2019 in his hometown Albania, where she made her debut Love Hope Light at the Albanian Book Fair. It sold out in just a few days.

The book is currently available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble bookstores across the country, as well as on Martini’s website, Proceeds from his book sales will go directly to My Friends Place, a Los Angeles-organization based on the elimination of youth homelessness in the community and beyond. To order the book, click HERE.

SOURCE Indigo River Editions