The fashion world is often associated with glamour, sophistication and perfection, with models being seen as the benchmark for beauty. In recent years, however, the industry has slowly moved towards a more natural and common view of everyday life with the emergence of younger, more outspoken models. Misho Amoli is one of those new breeds of models who are slowly changing the game.

Misho was born to Bulgarian parents and spent most of his childhood in the Balkan nation. He then moved to Spain to live on his own and chart his unique path. Misho recalls his experiences of financial and social struggles during his early years in Spain. He endured jobs he took to stay in the country and they paid poorly or not at all.

For most young people, these series of unpleasant experiences would have forced an immigrant like Misho to return to his native country. However, he was determined to create his own legacy and make a name for himself without relying on others to do it for him. Misho used these experiences to fuel his drive for success and freedom of expression. A few years later, Misho became one of the best-known models in all of Spain.

The situations Misho faced gave him the chance to see things from different angles. During these tough times, he thought he could never recover and achieve the success he was hoping for. When he became a successful model, Misho learned to appreciate his new life. His past has taught him to savor every possession and comfort he has earned, something he shares with his followers on Instagram.

Hoping to influence and inspire others, Misho launched his YouTube channels which he dedicated to fashion and lifestyle content. In a landscape as vast as YouTube, fashion is still an underexplored niche, unlike music and comedy. Misho wants to be that breath of fresh air on the platform and hopes to rise to the top of the genre. At this time, he has nearly 50,000 subscribers and a total of over two million views.

Misho’s unique style and fashion sense has caught the attention of thousands of people, including various modeling agencies in Spain and abroad. Her incredible snaps can be seen on her Instagram page, which is now approaching 90,000 followers. Misho hopes to change people’s mindsets about the modeling industry through social media. He wants people to know that professional models like him are flawed but fun people.

Misho has seen the ups and downs of life, so he wants to help aspiring models achieve the success he enjoys now. He didn’t let his struggles in life make him arrogant or overwhelm his spirit. Misho doesn’t think much about the future as he wants to enjoy the fun he is having in the present. His advice to everyone is to never apologize for being who they are; they can shine without pretending to be someone they are not.

Posted on October 14, 2021