Youmna Khoury is the owner of Youmi Online Shop, a successful online store where she sells luxury eyelashes, stunning hair extensions and beautiful contact lenses. Youmna is not only a businesswoman, she is also one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Youmna Khoury is a name that most Middle Eastern fashion enthusiasts are familiar with. She has a very popular social media page on Instagram with 574,000 followers.

Youmna Khoury started her career in Lebanon by opening a salon for men and women. While working in the salon, she understood the importance of fashion accessories such as luxury eyelashes, hair extensions and contact lenses. She understood that no look is finished without these products.

In order to have a complete look and make sure that you look impeccable from head to toe, you must have jaw extensions and other such accessories. Therefore, Youmna has launched her own online image called Youmi Online Shop, where she sells extravagant eyelashes, hair extensions and excellent contact lenses. Youmna started her online store because she needed to make people feel good and better about themselves.

Most online fashion stores sell clothes, shoes, and other similar items. Therefore, what makes Youmna’s business unique is that it sells hair extensions, eyelashes and contact lenses, which are great assets for its customers. There aren’t a lot of good stores where people can buy these products.

So, Youmi online store is a one stop shop for all these high quality fashion products. What makes it even more unique that these products are not made from cheap conventional products. Much thought has also gone into the design and manufacture of the products. In addition to this, the price of the products relative to its excellent quality is quite doable and suitable for everyone.

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