This year’s Apsara Fashion Week highlighted the work of Shaibal Saha, designer at Anjans. A line of sustainable clothing inspired by the waves created in the desert and nature presented in the collection.

Saha’s line consisted of six garments, all in neutral and cooler tones, and desert-like colors like beige, off-white, and gold.

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Behind all of Saha’s work lies the influence and balance of nature. Particularly for the clothes of this line, it imitates the waves created by the desert sand and the gradients that occur in this environment.

The waves and styles of the outfit incorporated a subtle flowing movement that creates the illusion of rhythm in a haunting desert environment. The abstract features of the dresses complement her source of inspiration, making the collection all the more fascinating.

The elegance of each outfit was emphasized by simplistic prints, floral designs and patterns. All six outfits are made from natural fibers. Made from khadi fabric and natural jute, and other natural materials like seashells, all patterns and designs are handcrafted. Each garment is unique in its own way and tells its own story.

All of Saha’s original designs, which take about a month to conceptualize and create, feature subtle color overlaps similar to the layered waves visible in a mirage. Headdresses add a dimension of sophistication and sparkle, bringing the entire outfit together and filling the natural, desert-inspired look from head to toe. Besides outfits and headdresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories are also made of jute.

Saha draws all her inspiration from nature and the events of nature. Not only did he create a bold and elegant collection embodying the intricacies and movements of the desert mirage, but he also used local and sustainable materials. This line is not only unique and breathtaking in its history and inspiration, but also in its designs, materials and creation.

Photo: Uturn Production

Model: Maria, Hira, Mili, Tania, Efa, Nazia

Wardrobe: Shaibal Saha

Make-up: Orko

Coordination: Sonia Yeasmin Isha