The arrival of spring is often synonymous with refreshing the wardrobe. And if you may already be putting on your sunglasses more frequently, it is the bucket hat, the cap and the headband that are shaping up to be the key accessories of the season. A host of fashion icons wear these three pieces which, just a few years ago, were shunned and mocked.

The latest fashion shows have shown that fashion designers have already propelled our wardrobe into a new era. Gone are the tracksuits, replaced by more sophisticated ones, ultra sensual , and even outlandish pieces, signaling once and for all – hopefully – a return to normal life. This can also be seen in accessories, with unexpected, even surprising creations presented in the biggest luxury houses, which have taken up the torch. street codes — or even camping.

The bob lives

The finishing touch to the savvy camper’s wardrobe is the bucket hat, which has made a noticeable comeback during the pandemic. Surprisingly, while some thought it was a fleeting micro-trend, the iconic headgear is now considered an essential accessory, in street style circles as well as on the catwalks of the biggest fashion brands. Gucci, Fendi and Chanel don’t hesitate to slip bucket hats or cloche hats into their collections, declining them in noble materials such as raffia or silk, and transforming this once timeless accessory into a real must-have.

While rappers have long embraced this trend, influencers and fashion icons embraced the bucket hat when the accessory hit the catwalks. And they no longer swear by this particular style of hat to accessorize their trendy outfits. Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna… they all sport bucket hats as the pinnacle of chic.

The return of the headband

Bossy Blair Waldorf, aka Leighton Meester in the “Gossip Girl” series, would undoubtedly be delighted to see the headband come back in force on the fashion scene. A symbol of refinement, the star accessory of our childhood has made its way onto the catwalks of the greatest luxury houses during recent fashion shows, such as at Dior, who adorned it with pearls or made it a real jewel for a look even more sophisticated and refined.

For a cool retro look, 90s fans can count on the zigzag headband, which can be worn both with loose hair and a ponytail — the most coveted hairstyle of the season. No matter how you wear it, the headband is bound to be present this season. In its latest report on new wedding trends, the global search engine Stylight reports an increase in clicks of more than 1000% for pearl headbands, and 21% for headbands with integrated veils, demonstrating a real interest for the accessory.

Pop culture triumphs with the cap

The cap has never really been excluded from the fashion sphere, but until now it was only worn on rare occasions: for sports, yoga, or when you don’t want to be recognized by the public. . Streetstyle accessory par excellence, the cap had not yet arrived on the catwalks, with a few exceptions. This is no longer the case today.

The latest collaboration between Gucci and adidas Originals is a clear example of how the on-trend accessory is gaining credibility. In the front row? Caps, even double caps, galore. It’s a collection that will not go unnoticed, and which should clearly raise the cap to the top of the star accessories of the summer.

Christine Pellissier