Eric Chilton discusses the future of the face mask.

GREENSBORO, NC – I realize with each passing week that face masks aren’t going to be a quick fad. They will be around for a while, but the question remains whether they will become a fashion statement. We’ve seen custom designs on them before and an array of color choices. So, in the near future, will people own ten or so masks, one for different outfits?

I’ve noticed online that people are getting more and more creative with them. They are available in every color and carry every design you can think of. Under Armor even made one for athletes. Don’t laugh, it sold out all over the world in less than an hour!

Will it be so popular as teenagers that we can laugh to the side if they see a peer wearing the folds the wrong way round? I think it might. Damn, we can get to where your partner puts one on, turns left and right, then looks at you with the most serious face you’ve ever seen and say “Does that make me? look fat? “

We’ll see … but that’s only my 2 cents.

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